Windham Mountain Sports

Our full service snow sports shop offers a great selectionof boards, accessories and clothing, plus state of the art tuning for your equipment. Mountain Sports also offers snowboard demo opportunities. Demo fees ($25 per day) apply to your purchase of a board at Mountain Sports. We recommend that you bring your own boots & bindings, as bindings on hand are limited.


Last Run Special

Ski or ride from 2:30 to 4:00 pm for only $20. Available daily during the peak season.

First Tracks
One hour of exclusive snow time before the lifts open to the public. Offered every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during Peak Season or other days by reservation. $14 per person. Please arrive 1 1/2 hours prior to the day's scheduled opening.

One Hour Snow Check
Check out our World Class Snow for one hour. If you decide not to ski/ride, for any reason, you may return your ticket within one hour of purchase for a full-value Snow Check Voucher (valid for one year). Pre-purchased tickets must be returned within one hour of opening. Sorry, no cash or credit card refunds. Return tickets at Guest Services on the first floor of the base lodge.


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